Coaching for Productivity

This special program is customized design to enhance participant knowledge, skills and experience for effective coach and deliver superior business results.

  • Role and responsibility of leader as the coach
  • Coaching principle and strategy
  • Develop situational leadership, improve team results, and
    managing partnership
  • Communication and coaching exercise from real-case situations
  • M 1: Performance management system
  • M 2: Leader builds leaders by “The Art of Possibility”
  • M 3: Team coaching strategy
  • M 4: Coaching proficiencies
  • M 5: Staff development & situational leadership
  • Individual analysis: Self leadership styles and successful developing

Contents for Coaching for Productivity program are customized to match participants level, from corporate’s successors middle to top management.

A two days practical-based training workshops with leadership style analysis, skill practices and games used to build performance results.