Smart & Proactive Manager – Leader Development

A successful program is designed to develop and prepare new manager/leader for challenging business environment. The program consists of 4 modules;

  • Managing leadership
  • Managing team
  • Managing business
  • Managing growth
  • Understanding role and responsible of manager or leader in new era
  • Develop personality, credibility, leadership, and a great role model
  • Learn concept and ability to manage team
  • Planning, delegate and develop teamwork that have strong bond with
  • Having business knowledges and understand strategic management
  • Able to manage changes as well as strategic planning for organization
  • Able to set vision and mission focusing on long term sustainable
  • Developing organization growth, continuous increase productivity, and
    being a market leader
  • M 1: Managing self and leadership
  • M 2: Managing people and team
  • M 3: Managing business and strategy
  • M 4: Managing growth and sustainability
  • Self discovery
    • IQ test
    • Left/right brain analysis
    • Personality test
    • Leadership styles
    • Personal relationship survey

Contents for Smart & Proactive Manager – Leader Development program are customized to match participants level, from middle to top management.

A ten days practical-based training workshops with self analysis, skill practices and games used to build performance outcomes.


[The training days can breakdown by module]