Presentation Skills & Personality Development

This program objectives are to helps participants:-

  • Increase their confidence presenting to clients or management meeting.
  • Improve clear communication and maintain the interest of the audience.
  • Improve character, dress and gesture for successful business appearance.
  • Apply appropriate various presentation techniques.
  • The importance of presentations.
  • Planning for clear and precise presentation that cover all topics.
  • Design and develop good visual aids.
  • Practice presentation with confidence.
  • Non-verbal communications and personality improvements.
  • Managing audience, handling questions & answers.
  • Ability to influence audience and create impression.
  • Believability.
  • Planning and preparation.
  • Non-verbal communications;
  • 5 techniques for a high impact and effective presentation
  1. Eyes communication
  2. Gesture & facial expression
  3. Posture & movement
  4. Vocal variety & resonance
  5. The use of repeated words
  • Design & develop good visual aids and how to make it effective.
  • Presentation with VDO camera record.
  • Personality and how to build credibility.

Contents for Presentation Skills & Personality Development program are customized to match any participant levels from junior staffs, middle manager to top executives.

A two days practical-based training workshops with wide variety of relevant samples, support materials and real practices used to build performance outcomes.

P&P Consultants recommends the class size up to 12 people for maximum results.