Strategic Sales Management Workshop

The objectives of this program are to enhance manager and relationship manager knowledges, skills, and experience in managing sales strategy using customer centricity and total solutions consultant that generate positive word of mouth relationship.

  • Learn strategic sales management concept
  • Able to set challenge targets and making sales plan
  • Portfolio analysis and improve client strategies
  • Up-sales and cross-sales planning
  • Develop unique strategy for each customer segment
  • Able to create differentiate and value-added sales through consultative method
  • Relationship management and build sustainable relationship
  • Planning sales visit breakdown by bi-weekly, weekly, monthly and
  • M 1: The challenge: strategic sales management
  • M 2: Portfolio management and account strategy
  • M 3: Developing account plan and call plan
  • M 4: Consultative sale power
  • M 5: Building service excellence and customer engagement

Contents for Strategic Sales Management Workshop are customized to match participants level, from junior to top management.

A two days practical-based training workshops with wide variety of relevant case studies and games used to build performance outcomes.