Developing People Is One Of The Biggest
Challenges Of Organizations Today.

P&P Consultants is a local lead training company in Thailand. We provides the best in-class training and development programs to both private and public sectors. By striving toward best performance results, we closely works, as a business partner, with clients so as to help them deal with challenges. In addition, various training methods and techniques, both formal and informal learning, are carefully chosen and applied in our training class which consider the most benefits to our participants.

Here are our top training programs selected in the past 12 months.

Towards Customer Solutions

Towards Customer Solutions emphasize on value added products/services that delivers not only total solutions but increase customer engagement.

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Win-Win Negotiation Strategies

Win-win Negotiation Strategies helps understand the underlying concepts, strategies and tactics for win-win negotiation.

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Coaching for Productivity

Coaching for Productivity is customized design for manager and team leader to enhancing their knowledge, skills and experience for effective coach and deliver superior business results.

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Presentation Skills & Personality Development

Presentation Skills & Personality Development by P&P helps improve both verbal and non-verbal communications so as to achieve your presentation objectives in professional way.

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Strategic Sales Management Workshop

Strategic Sales Management Workshop aims to increase sales volume and value through effective portfolio management, develop account plan and consultative sale power.

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Smart & Proactive Manager

Smart & Proactive Manager – Leader Development program is designed to develop and prepare new manager/leader who works in challenging business environment.

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Integrated Problem Solving & Decision Making

Integrated Problem Solving & Decision Making aims to systematically develop problem analysis so as to find high impact solutions and prevention.

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The Power Of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration program is designed to improve participants’ teamwork and personal leadership skills identified as essentials for maximized results.

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Integrative Problem Solving

Integrative Problem Solving understand concept & gaining systematic situational analysis in order to solve problems and make effective decision to prevent potential problems and risks.

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