Towards Customer Solutions Objectives

The objective of this program are to develop and enhance servicing employees for better understanding in customer centricity. In addition, the program creates value added which result in ability to deliver total services solution and engagement to customers.

  • Create positive attitude toward change of working styles for greater results.
  • Rise the power of “Possibility” when facing with challenges.
  • Ability to propose total service solutions as well as develop customer centricity behavior.
  • Enhance ability and service standard through “Blue Ocean” strategy.
  • Understand different people style for better servicing customers.
  • Experience learning from “Apple” service and how this applies to work.
  • New attitude and challenge of service.
  • Boost positive thinking through “The Art of Possibility”.
  • Quality of service using “Blue Ocean Strategy”.
  • Total service solutions.
  • Service problems and customer emotions based on actual case study.
  • Analyze different customer behaviors and how to deal with them.
  • The Apple Experience
  • Activities based training programs

Contents for Towards Customer Solutions program are customized to any participant levels from junior staffs, middle manager to top executives.

A 2 days practical-based training workshops with wide variety of relevant case studies and support materials used to build performance outcomes.